The Breakdown: Kentucky vs. Maryland

Drew Franklinalmost 9 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


Kentucky or Maryland? It's the decision that's been weighing on the minds of Andrew and Aaron Harrison for months now. Which is the better of the two schools?   Let's break it down:   "Go Cats" vs. "Fear The Turtle" I fear many things in life. A turtle is not one of them. Winner: "Go Cats" (Kentucky)   Nike vs. Under Armour Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James vs. Michael Phelps, Cam Newton and Ray Lewis. Do you want to be great? Or do you want to get high, steal laptops and stab people? Thought so. Winner: Nike (Kentucky)   John Calipari vs. Mark Turgeon Calipari is the biggest name in coaching. Hands down. He has been to two Final Fours, won one NCAA title and sent 15 players to the NBA in his three seasons at Kentucky. Those 15 guys will make a total of over $36 million next season alone. **Googles "Mark Turgeon"** Yeah, nothing. Winner: John Calipari (Kentucky)   Marker's Mark vs. Old Bay Seasoning Old Bay is great with seafood, fried chicken, tater tots and potato chips. Maker's Mark is great with everything. Winner: Maker's Mark (Kentucky)   Lexington, Kentucky vs. College Park, Maryland ranked Lexington, KY as the fifth-best college sports town in America. College Park, MD plays second fiddle to College Park, GA, where rappers like Ludacris, Yung Joc and 2 Chainz grew up. Winner: Lexington, KY (Kentucky)   Kentucky Derby vs. The Preakness This one is easy. Neither. Winner: Keeneland (Kentucky)   Anthony Davis vs. Greivis Vasquez Who? Greisvis Vasquez. The guy with the faux-hawk from a couple years ago. Winner: Anthony Davis (Kentucky)   Getting Murdered In Baltimore vs. Not Getting Murdered In Baltimore Life is a precious thing. Winner: Not Getting Murdered In Baltimore (Kentucky)   Ashley Judd vs. Tiffany Taylor Hmmmmm... Winner: PUSH   Kentucky Basketball vs. "Crabcakes and Football" For the Harrison twins, the decision is simple. Basketball. Winner: Kentucky Basketball    Come on down.

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