The Cats' last week at #2?

Drew Franklinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


While many of you are free from work and responsibility today, the KSR timesheets are still being punched, as well as the AP voters'. The new college basketball polls were released today, and, as expected, the Cats are still holding down that #2 spot. #1 Texas received 57 first place votes to Kentucky's eight, while Kansas, 'Nova, and Syracuse finish off the top 5. Tennessee moved up to #8, proving that sometimes it's better to find leadership from someone on the team that doesn't carry handguns. This is a big week for the college basketball polls and it could quite possibly be Kentucky's last week as the #2 team.  Tonight, Texas goes on the road against #10 Kansas State and many believe it will be the Longhorns' first loss of the season.  In fact, has the nation's top team as an underdog in tonight's game.  They tipoff at 9:00 on ESPN and it's definitely a game we'll want to keep an eye on during commercial breaks on The Bachelor. Go Cats.  (I'm looking at you K-State)

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