The Cats Reel In Another Huge Fish

The Cats Reel In Another Huge Fish

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
davidsims6n08200.jpg The last two days have seen me away from the site a great deal as the practice of law has stormed in on my ability to focus on the true important part of life, Kentucky athletics. But since I have been gone, we have been treated to more of the same, mainly the continued unprecedented domination in football recruiting by this staff. The latest case in point is today's commitment of David Sims from South Carolina. Look at what Kentucky accomplished with this pickup. They received arguably the best athlete in the state of South Carolina and in one swoop, found the replacement for Tony Dixon in the deep Kentucky Running back corp. Sims is a three star athlete (and just a hair from a four star by both services), but more importantly to me, he has offers from top schools. Take a look at this offer sheet: Tennessee Florida Florida State Michigan Kansas Alabama Look at those teams. All have been either in, or in contention fior, BCS bowls in the past five years. Five of the six are traditional powerhouses that count among them the best fanbases in America. And over all those schools, Sims picked Kentucky. Sims isnt from Kentucky. This isnt Tim Couch or Micah Johnson turning down out-of-state powers to stay home. This is an out-of-state kid, with no connection to the Bluegrass, turning down the tradition and signing on with the new. Folks, this is unprecedented. Ryan Mossakowski and Morgan Newton picked UK over powers, but they played QB, a position UK has had amazing success with in recent years. But here is a kid who will not play QB, turning down schools that produce running backs by the truck loads and coming to Lexington. It truly is amazing. And the most fulfilling part? Well it may be that the Cats beat presumed favorite Tennessee for the commitment. The Vols had been long thought to be the choice of Sims and early signs all pointed to Knoxville. But Sims said he chose the Cats because of the "family atmosphere" of the program and his long relationship with Joker Phillips. Again and again, we see this UK football staff getting in on kids early and keeping their interest when others come to town. And it continues to pay off time and time again. The Vols lose a recruit...who has no connection to the FOOTBALL. Almost unimaginable. I have long believed that UK could never truly contend in the SEC for a title. And I still think it unlikely. But all of a sudden, Spurrier seems like he isnt going to bring South Carolina a powerhouse, Tennessee is looking shaky and potentially in view of a coaching change and UK is recruiting like never before. Still unlikely.....sure....but impossible? Maybe not anymore. Keep David Sims in mind......UK never, ever beat out the schools they beat out for a player like Sims before. It truly is a new day in Lexington. I am back on regular mode tomorrow. We may have some technical difficulties on Friday as we officially switch to our dedicated server which our host provider is forcing us to take due to the site's traffic. So please bear with us if there are some bumps on Friday. We will keep the goodness coming however as we will have a "Know Your Enemy" on Norfolk State, another Five Star Lock of the Week and a good basketball story about one of our former Cats. Stay tuned.....

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