The Coury Has Landed

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One of our readers has provided the link to the unofficial Cornell Basketball Blog where it is being reported that our former beginning-of-the-game human victory cigar has made it known that he will be ballin' for the Big Red next year. First, let me say that it's great to see that Mark has landed somewhere and will have a chance to see extensive time on the floor and get a first-rate edgeecashun that could lead to a sales position with a mid-sized paper company. His desire and attitude while at UK were outstanding and we all appreciate the contributions he made to the program. However, didn't he specifically leave UK because he wanted a basketball scholarship? And isn't it true that Ivy League programs don't offer athletic scholarships? I hope that doesn't sound like sour grapes (do sour grapes sound differently than regular grapes?), because that's not the intent; I'm just curious. In the end, it doesn't really matter, but I would have liked to have seen the Flurry stay and annoy people in practice in an effort to make Perry, A.J., and Jorts better, but I can understand his motivation. His leaving also reduced the gang consisting of himself, Krebs, and Jared Carter to a duo, though I suspect there is plenty of badness remaining to prevent anyone from steppin' to JC and "I got" Krebs. Here's hoping for the best for our boy Mark Coury, and Mark, if the basketball thing doesn't work out, maybe you could join the Cornell a cappella group, "Here Comes Treble". Link Disclaimer: For all I know this may be a false report, but I've linked it anyway. I mean, honestly, can you really trust an unofficial blog of a collegiate basketball program?

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