The Coury Story We've All Been Waiting For

Patrick Barkerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
rp_primary_courytransfer Sorry.  I forgot this is Cornell we're talking about. Need to be on my best grammatical behavior.  That title should read "The Coury Story For Which We've All Been Waiting".  Stupid Patrick.  You can't end sentences in prepositions!  New York Times writer Pete Thamel has written the story we all expected, looking at Mark "The Flurry" Coury's transition from the bright lights at Kentucky to the blistering cold of Ithaca, NY.   Coury recounts his time at UK, lamenting that he has to walk 20 mintues across campus to get to the practice facility when at UK it was just across the street.  In all, the story doesn't talk much about his basketball prowess, most likely because he's never averaged more than 3 points a game.  Instead, it focuses on the "Coury started at UK, and now Cornell brings him off the bench" angle, supposedly "strengthening the argument" that Cornell has a legit shot to beat UK on Thursday.  Of course, to your casual fan out there you might actually believe that means something.  Then, you might also believe Thamel when he calls Coury "bruising". Look, we love The Flurry around here.  He always gave 110% and played to the utmost of his abilities.  But it was a perfect  storm at UK that led him to start which has exactly zero bearing on how the game this week will turn out.  If you think Coury would still start for this edition of UK basketball you're nuts.  If you think he'd play more minutes than Josh Harrellson, again, you're nuts.    But I was actually surprised it took someone this long to write this story.  I guess the media just needed ample time to swoon over "babies and memories" soundbytes.  Go Cats! UPDATE FROM MATT: Even in the Gillispie era, Coury (who I like a great deal) was the least talented player on the team. He started Mark every game to make a point to the rest of the players. I think that decision was ridiculous but to say that it somehow shows "just how talented Cornell is" could not be more absurd. Thank you Pete Thamel.

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