The Day is Here: Patrick Patterson makes his choice

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
ppat.bmp Today is the day of reckoning. On the last day of the Signing period, Patrick Patterson is ready to make his announcement public to the world. At 3:45 on Wednesday, at HHS, Patterson will unveil his college choice to the world and watch as the audience of internet recruiting fans everywhere (95% of whom are UK fans) find out where he will be manning the paint next season. There has been so much talk of Patrick Patterson on this blog over the last year and a half, that you likely could fill a small novel with its details (hmmmm a money making idea?) And now it all comes to an end. It many ways, Patrick Patterson (even more so than Jai Lucas) made this blog and tomorrow will be the turning of a page. I must admit.....a few weeks ago I thought Kentucky had no chance. But now.....well, things may have changed. It is clear that Billy Gillispie made an amazing impression on the Patterson family, and Patrick in particular with his recruiting pitches and Kentucky is now totally in the mix. Patrick told the Huntington Herald (in an article linked in the post below) that he had it narrowed down to two schools and then went back and forth. Was Kentucky one of those schools? A lot of late speculation seems to suggest yes. Patrick's quotes in that article, if read in a sympathetic UK light, seem to give hope to Cats fans. The most interesting comment to me was his statement that he didnt want to say what factors made the decision because "then you will know what school it is." Think about that.....if you were trying to distinguish the schools, Kentucky does have more distinguishing factors. The selling point for Florida is a great coach, a great school and playing time.....well UK has all three as well. But UK is also close to home and has a huge fan base.....distinguishing factors. Duke has a distinguishing factor of academics (so that may have been the comment), but when read with a sympathetic UK eye, that comment might seem to foreshadow good news for UK fans. Either way, tomorrow is a day Kentucky fans have anticipated for some time. ANd it is going to be a swamp of a day here on the blog. Here is what we have for you.....we will be live from the Huntington press conference via a combination of cell phone and audio feed from a sister affiliate. Then IF Patrick Patterson commits to Kentucky, he will come on the Sports Mob sometime in the 5 o clock hour. I expect this site to be swamped tomorrow and possibly down occasionally. Know that we will give you news as it comes, but IF Patterson commits you may have to go directly to 1570 The Zone's webpage to hear the post-game interview. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, tip one back for the Patterson recruitment.....its been a long ride as the recruit whose decision-making process may have been followed here more closely than any basketball recruiting saga ever comes to end.

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