The Day the Music Died....

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
rasmooth.jpeg'/ We take a break from the neverending coaching discussion to update everyone on the "Ra Smooth" concert that was scheduled to take place last night at The Triple Crown Lounge. Apparently the building was packed, people waiting outside for a time, but Ra Smooth was unable to show up for the big shin dig. Ramel Bradley (for those who arent down) told his fans on his website that Kentucky put a stop to the event, saying that if he performed it could make him ineligible by the NCAA. So Ra Smooth was not even allowed to show up at the event, and millions were left sad.....including me. As Chris Tomlin said yesterday, the Kentucky compliance staff should go back to their former roles starring in "Footloose." Hopefully this will not stop the event we are all looking forward to, "Woo Day" today from 12-3 this afternoon at Joe Bolognas. For those of you that go, report back on this thread about the events.....I know they will be (to channel Jim Rome)....EPIC!.

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