UK Fans of the Day Excited The Embargo Is Nearly Over!

Andrew Cassadyalmost 9 years


Aritcle written by:Andrew CassadyAndrew Cassady


This day has been teased on the radio. It has been talked about on twitter. But all members of the media have remained tight-lipped following their day with the team. Finally tomorrow we get to hear all about the 2012-2013 as the local media can finally reveal what they learned earlier this month. What sort of information do you think will be revealed when the day is finally October 1st?   Just how good is Willey Cualey-Stein? How nice is Ryan Harrow's Flattop? Does Brian Long appreciate his opportunity? Will we get to see the video of Matt struggling to open that package?   Like most of you I'm excited to finally hear all about this years team. This embargo has gone on for far to long and its going to be awesome to hear all about the latest personalities of this year's group of Cats. It gets started on KSR at MIDNIGHT, when Matt's night post will be an interview with Calipari on next year's team. You will want to get ready and read all there is to read...which will be a lot.

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