The Entertation Index: May 16-20
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The Entertation Index: May 16-20

Chris Tomlinover 5 years


Article written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin


Each week KSR’s Funkhouser collects the best of pop culture. The Entertation Index collects the best of the week for your consumption.

Brokaw, Tom — During his commencement speech at an Ole Miss graduation last weekend heralded news anchor Tom Brokaw slighted the neighboring University of Alabama, telling the grads “If I were speaking at Alabama, I would have to use smaller words and shorter sentences.” Everyone had a good laugh at that and then Brokaw went on to explain to the Ole Miss graduates what sentences are.

Link: Tom Brokaw at Ole Miss (The Huntsville Times)

Caddyshack — A Reddit user has debunked the entire finale of the beloved 1980’s comedy Caddyshack by not only breaking down the parameters of the final Al Czervik/Judge Smails “double or nothing bed” but also delving into golf rules to determine Danny’s final putt. We can’t have nice things.

Link: Someone on Reddit Just Destroyed the Ending of “Caddyshack” (USA Today)

Fig. 1: Ghostbusters Reboot

Fig. 1: Ghostbusters Reboot

Ghostbusters — Paul Feig’s much-skepticized reboot/revamp of Ghostbusters continues to meet with animosity, with the film’s trailer receiving nearly a half million YouTube dislikes and earning a place one the site’s least-liked videos of all time. To be fair, it’s not as much because of the female thing as much as it is that there’s a shot of Leslie Jones jumping into the crowd at a concert to crowd surf and not being caught, which is the single most overused joke in history for movies which have scenes that take place at concerts.

Link: Ghostbusters Trailer is Most Disliked in YouTube History (The Guardian)

Laura, Mysteries of — NBC’s cop comedy-drama The Mysteries of Laura has been canceled after two seasons. Consequently, Wednesday nights just opened up for 45 year-old single women with more than three cats.

Link: Mysteries of Laura Canceled by NBC (Entertainment Weekly)

Fig. 2: Rose, Axl

Fig. 2: Rose, Axl

Rose, Axl — Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, who has been moonlighting as the lead singer for Australian rockers AC/DC this month, finally returned to his feet in Vienna last night after a broken foot has relegated him to a chair for many of the band’s performances. Everything went well until, in a gruesome turn of events, Rose ATE ANGUS YOUNG.

Link: Axl Rose Gets Back on His Feet as AC/DC Hit Vienna (NME)

Schwimmer, David — Ex-Friends star David Schwimmer, currently starring in an AMC series where he plays a distraught sommelier, joined Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday and told a story of his five year-old daughter’s affinity for sneaking sips of his beer. When asked for comment, Schimmer’s daughter shrugged and responded “How else am I supposed to get through The Pallbearer?”

Link: David Schwimmer Might Regret Letting his Daughter Try Beer (Huffington Post)

Ãœber — Popular ride-sharing app Ãœber has announced its first self-driving car will take to the streets in Pittsburgh in the next few weeks, mapping data and testing its autonomous driving abilities. The car already has a blog it wants to tell you about, wants to talk about politics and is brazenly hitting on your girlfriend.

Link: Uber’s Self-Driving Car Hits the Streets of Pittsburgh (CBS News)

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