The experts' upset picks

Katie Martinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Katie MartinKatie Martin
 siennagirls Now that the brackets are out, its time for all the office pools and online contests to begin flooding your inbox with dreams of millions of dollars and intra-office glory. It seems like this time of year also brings a different kind of flooding: The waves of experts telling you what upsets to count on. Now, while I don't condone the use of basketball experts (particularly a certain intern who has been telling you his picks on this site lately), just to make things easier, I thought I'd give you a quick guide to the expert's advice for picking first round upsets. 11 Seed over 6 Seed: (11) Washington over (6) Marquette Pick it:, Gary Parrish, Jeff Goodman Don't Bet on it:  Matt Jones (11) ODU over (6) Notre Dame Pick it: Mike Miller, Jeff Goodman, Stewart Mandel (SI) , Ken Davis (11) San Diego St. over (6) Tennessee Pick it: Stewart Mandel (SI)   12 Seed over 5 Seed: (12) Cornell over (5) Temple Pick it:, Jeff Goodman Don't Bet on it:  Eamonn Brennan (ESPN) (12) Utah St. over (5) Texas A&M Pick it: Harvard Sports Collective, Mike Miller, CBSsports (12) New Mexico St over (5) Mich St. Pick it: Jeff Goodman   13 Seed over 4 Seed: (13) Siena over (4) Purdue Pick it: Harvard Sports Collective, Peter Schrager, Jeff Goodman, Stewart Mandel (SI), everyone else in the world Don't Bet on it: Purdue Fans (13) Murray St. over (4) Vanderbilt Pick it:, Mike Miller (13)Houston over (4) Maryland Pick it:  Harvard Sports Analysis Collective (13) Wofford over (4) Wisconsin Pick it: Matt Jones So does that clear things up a bit? Yeah I didn't think so. My advice: dartboard. It's gotta be better than BTI.

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