The Fan Outfitters College Basketball Contest (2/10/2011)

The Fan Outfitters College Basketball Contest (2/10/2011)

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I swear I am not working on commission The College Basketball Contest sponsored by Fan Outfitters saw its first elimination of the week, leaving us with 7 remaining teams. The big week continues with three more road games, including the number one team in America, OSU, on the road against a ranked opponent. Tuesday: George Mason got another win, this time against UNC-Wilmington. Princeton went to overtime against former UK opponent Penn and won. Wednesday: Georgetown came out victorious on the road in a huge game against Syracuse. Texas found an easy win at Oklahoma. Utah State finally lost, succumbing on the road at Idaho. With that, Nick Fulkerson is knocked out (heard your kind words on the call-in show. Thank you, sir). Tonight: Coastal Carolina and Kyle Albert travel to Presbyterian at 7:00 P.M. CCU is currently 22-2 overall, and 13-0 in Big South play. They have won 20 games straight, with their last loss coming by way of their only ranked opponent all season, Georgetown, by 19 points on November 18. They can put up some points, having scored over 100 three times this season, reaching as high as 125. The bigger story, however, is Tom Leach and his Savannah State Tigers. The Tigers started the season 2-17, including 13-game losing streak at one point. They are a low scoring team. Nonetheless, they have found a way to win 4 in a row to carry them into our final seven of the contest. While most teams in the contest have played nearly 8 games, Savannah State has not had as busy a schedule being an indepedendent. I do not think they will keep it up, but no one expected them to make it this far either. THE REMAINING ENTRANTS ARE: Coastal Carolina Chanticleers(Kyle Albert) - Thur, Feb. 10 at Presbyterian ––––— George Mason Patriots(Jeremy Stanfield) - Sat, Feb. 12 vs. James Madison Georgetown Hoyas(Sam Keathley) - Sun, Feb. 13 vs. Marquette ––––— Ohio State Buckeyes(Kenneth Chambliss) - Sat, Feb. 12 at (13)Wisconsin ––––— Princeton Tigers(Tony Cambron) - Fri, Feb. 11 at Columbia ––––— Savannah State Tigers(Tom Leach) - Thur, Feb. 10 vs. Morris ––––— Texas Longhorns(Jerry Moore) - Sat, Feb. 12 vs. Baylor

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