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spurrier-creep   This is NOT the proper way to pick Quarterbacks.     I know the spring game was great from a fan perspective, and the crowd itself has been shown countless times.  Listen #BBN, the turnout for the scrimmage itself was awesome, and it got people talking.  The season is still over a hundred days away (check out KSR College for a real-time countdown) but even now Kentucky football is getting a lot more attention than in years past.  While everything seems to be heading in the right direction for Stoops and company, I want to remind everyone that program success is still decided ON THE FIELD AND NOT IN THE STANDS.  Kentucky fans will win any tailgate, any time, anywhere, but the trend has been that the on the field product has been a total joke.  With all of the hype that surrounded filling CWS for the Spring Game, I really hope that Stoops puts a team out there that isn't the laughing stock of the SEC.   From what I've seen so far, the Cats are no longer at the very bottom of the barrel, but there's still a lot of work to be done.  Don't fret, the fan support is there and the talent level is improving, but now it's time for Stoops to do his FOOTBALL thing and let the media worry about promoting his team.  First thing's first though: THE CATS NEED A QUARTERBACK (if I gave you a dollar you can keep most of the change, cus' all we really want is a Quarter back.... thank you Shane Falco).   The quarterback position is a lot like playing point guard in basketball; he has to be an extension of the HC/OC on the field and must maintain total control of what's happening at all times.  This is the one position on the field where composure will trump talent... but talent doesn't hurt.     maxwell "The guy who's been there"     jw "The play-maker"     towels "The Darius Miller"         No, this is not a dating show (and especially not related to the Bachelor) this is the Bluegrass QB Battle, and it will be this battle that will set the tone for the entire season (no pressure, guys).  Coach Brown and Coach Stoops have kept a tight lid on their thoughts and they have made it clear that no starter will be named until after the conclusion of fall camp, so the rest of us common folk are left with nothing but mere speculation until then.  But I'll say it now: while any of these guys are very capable of leading the team as they all have a particular skill set, Jalen Whitlow is the BEST FIT FOR THE NEAL BROWN SYSTEM.  The spring game provided a simplified glimpse of the offense: read option, intermediate passing game, and quick screens.  The "soft opening" on April 13th did show some themes of what the coaching staff wants to do this season, and it seems to rely on getting the ball to play makers in space and letting them simply "make plays."  Whitlow showed great consistency and the ability to make plays with both his arms and his legs, and that double threat capability is perfect for Brown's system.    So yes, Whitlow did emerge the EARLY front runner for the spot, but in all reality that means very little.  Both Smith and Towles are VERY capable of taking the spot and being successful within this (admittedly very fun) system.  Finally #BBN... instead of a lack of talented options, Kentucky has a plethora.  That's not such a bad thing, and as Coach Brown has indicated, all of the QB's are pulling for one another to succeed.  Healthy competition will breed positive results... it's capitalism folks, and it works.      Follow on Twitter @WEJarboe_KSR

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