The First Domino Falls ---- Vaughn to FSU

by:Matt Jones08/03/06
Well so much for my early prediction. I had hoped to grace today's blog with part 2 of my power forward preview, but then things changed. Julian Vaughn, thought by many to be the first of the Kentucky visits and possibly an early target, committed today to Florida St. Vaughn had long been thought to be seriously considering FSU, but it was assumed that he would take a visit to Kentucky first. Just one week ago, he said he was excited about that possibility and hope to schedule something soon. The news comes as a surprise to most, including me. Just a couple of days ago, the folks at Kentucky were making plans to schedule the first visit for Vaughn and it was assumed that he would come on campus as soon as possible. Some close to Vaughn had even hinted that Kentucky's interest in the race for his services could make the decision come quickly. Well it did....just not for the Cats. It is yet another pickup for Florida St under Leonard Hamilton. The Noles have had unbelievable success in recent years getting players, although none of that success has translated to on-court victories. It never ceases to amaze me how many kids go to schools where proven talent has gone before them and bombed. Yet it keeps happening and schools like Florida St get great recruiting classes every year as the nation watches players vanish into the FSU abyss. This isnt a HUGE loss for the Cats.....but it takes one more name off the list, joining Julian Gamble and Gary Johnson. This is a game of musical chairs, and one hopes Kentucky finds its chair/chairs soon.

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