The first weekend without basketball

The first weekend without basketball

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 9 years


Just think, a mere week ago, we were preparing for the most stressful game of our lives. No couches had been burned, cars tipped over, or Cardinals slain. Now? We're National Champions, left to twiddle our thumbs smugly and daydream about days past and titles to come. What are you doing with your first weekend without basketball? Here are some suggestions: A) Go to Keeneland (you lucky Lexington bastards) B) Yard work (my choice after I wrap it up here...I plan on tackling my yard like a Lowe's commercial) C) Spend time with loved ones you may have ignored neglected over the past month in the name of all Cats everything. D) The Masters E) Napping during the Masters F) Staying on KSR all day, waiting for recruiting news G) Watching the Semifinal and Final game all over again...and again and again. What will you do?

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