The Great Blue Takes Down the Evil White 101-74

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
knight In a game that will surely be overreacted to by many, the Blue team (usually made up of starters) took down the White team (mostly made up of reserves) in Rupp Arena before a crowd estimated at around 10,000. The game began sloppy and showcased the many things this group will have to work on during the season. Brandon Knight was the star, scoring 37 points, while playing exclusively for the Blue team. He showcased his dazzingly array of moves to the basket and was the only player able to finish consistently while executing the Dribble Drive. Unforutnately he also hobbled off a bit at the end, leaving a little of worry for the masses. All in all, the team showed us a lot of what we expected. They will be exciting to watch, will penetrate on nearly every play and have a long way to go to find consistency this season. As our man JT from the radio would say, "leave the kids alone" and dont worry too much about the problems tonight. Last year the Blue-White game wasnt pretty either and there will be plenty of time to fret after UK plays Pikeville next Monday.

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