The Hairline

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
tyushair We are expecting a record amount of traffic today, so if the site is down at times, we do apologize Most big games give me a lasting memory. This season, the beginning game run against UNC, Wall's crossovers against UCONN and the Boogie/Bledsoe/Delk shenanigans against Louisville will all remain in my mind for years to come as representations of the game. However for last night, the first Florida game of the year will always signify to me, Alex Tyus's ridiculous hairline. Now I am not one to throw stones...chances are that my hair will continue its thinning process over the years and I wont have the full set of sparkling folicles that I currently entertain. But no matter what my future situation may be, I cant imagine I will handle it like Tyus. Look at the picture above (one of 50 sent in by readers and proof that Tyus's hair can be a great google search). Outside of the movie "Avatar", have you ever seen a more ridiculous look? His hairline starts halfway up his head....while unfortunate for a Junior in college, that is fixable. But what does Tyus decide to do? Does he cut it short and hope? Does he shave it and decide not to worry about it? Does he grow it out and try to create an afro going up instead of back? Nope...instead he grows it long and sends it back, thus producing the most mysterious hairline the world has ever seen outside of a USA airing of "Predator." I really cant fathom what Tyus is going for. He is black, which means he can pull off a shaved head. White people with a shaved head (with the exception of Woody Harrellson, Patrick Stewart and my dad) end up looking like a disjointed thumb and inevitably can only hope for the Tony Kornheiser "goofy" acceptance of hair loss. But black people look cooler with their head shaved. Michael Jordan is the idol of almost every man to ever play a sport and since the day he shaved his head, he has never looked back. But Tyus says no and instead becomes a black Donald Trump, forever known for a hairline that defies description and perplexes all who see it. I will stare at this picture for a long time and when the Gators come to Rupp, I plan on inspecting it up close. It is said that when you see greatness up close, you can feel its presence. If that is true, when you see Tyus's hair up close I cant imagine what powerful force must follow.

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