The Infamous Self Sack

Aaron Flenerabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Aaron FlenerAaron Flener


    It was December 27th, 2009.  Kentucky had just lost to Clemson 21-13 in the Music City Bowl. It was cold. Very cold. All my friend Evan and I wanted to do was get out of that stadium and into a downtown watering hole as quickly as possible. We began to hustle through the concourse to beat the crowd to the cabs (you didn't think we were going to walk to downtown, did you?).  As we busted out of the stadium we saw a few cabs lined up outside. The full sprint was on.   All that separated us from the warmth of the cab and a night of refreshing colas with the beautiful coeds of Big Blue Nation were a couple short concrete pillars with a chain running between them.  We can jump that chain on the run easily, right?   Well, Evan could. "WE" couldn't. As I went to jump the chain, my front foot cleared beautifully. I was gliding through the air like a world class hurdler. However, as a man burdened with having two legs, I still had to get the back foot over. This is where failure occurred.   In 2009, my feet had yet to start cutting through steel chains. I'm still waiting on that, actually.  My back foot caught in the chain, which set off a chain reaction (no pun intended) that resulted in me breaking my fall with my chin, the side of my face, and my wrist. There was no concern from Evan. Just a "get up and get in this cab I just got us." And I did just that. We traveled downtown and I was told "You're face is bleeding" by nearly every person I encountered.  But I shook off the injury and enjoyed myself.   I tell this story to say this. No one is perfect. We've all fallen down before.  You just have to laugh it off, get back up, and play the next play.   That's exactly what Morgan Newton did after this play, and exactly what he has done this season after falling into the backup QB spot. He has made it clear he will do anything he needs to do to help this team win. This week, he even joked about his self sack against WKU last year. Here's to hoping Morgan finds a way to get his redemption tomorrow. And here is the hilarious video of his "self sack" from last year's game against the Hilltoppers.   @AFlenerKSR

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