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Well, friends, here we are again. Another fall Thursday afternoon, another ESPNU Recruiting TV special with some potential good news for Big Blue Nation. Today, it's James Young, the fifth-overall player in the ESPN Top 100, who is set to announce his college destination. Young will choose between Kentucky, Michigan State, Kansas and Syracuse, although every recruiting analyst in America believes Kentucky is the only school on Young's list. Join KSR for another running blog as we break down the ESPNU special and all of the hype leading up to Young's announcement. Refresh the page for new posts throughout the next hour and leave comments to join the discussion. Let's get to it. ************ (4:50 pm)   We're 10 minutes away from ESPN Recruiting Nation, the hourlong show that will air James Young's decision at some point. Since it might get a little boring leading up to the main event, feel free to send tweets or leave comments to get the discussion going. I'll take the best stuff from the Twitterverse and the comments section and post them in the blog. See you back here in 10 when things get going. (5:00 pm) The show has begun and leading off the program is... football. Don't they know it's basketball season now???? (5:01 pm) Tough loss for the Reds. On the bright side, Reds fans can watch the James Young decision instead of worrying about extra innings with the Giants. (5:06 pm) ESPN's Football Recruiting Top 100 #ThingsUKFansDontKnowAbout (5:09 pm) KSR reader Greg has one way to follow the announcement if you don't get ESPNU... "greg Says: If you have an IPhone get the watch espn app and enter a bogus email account to get 3 free hours select verizon fios and then select temporary access! Enjoy!!" (5:11 pm) Dave Telep on Young: "We love him. We love him. No. 5 player overall, just oozes versatility. He's got great size for the wing, he's left-handed, he can score." (5:13 pm) ESPN Recruiting ranks Derek Willis as the 37th best power forward. (5:16 pm) Young is wearing neutral colors: Black suit, black tie with a little purple mixed in. (5:18 pm) Was this a goof by the production team? ESPN went to a close-up after a few seconds. (5:21 pm) This host is struggling. Has he been on live television before? (5:24 pm) Notre Dame has a really good recru... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... (5:25 pm) James Young announcement coming up after the commercial break, according to the awkward guy in the suit. (5:28 pm) Oh, there's the Indiana buzzer-beater. I forgot all about that. *polishes ring* (5:32 pm) This host is so awkward. (5:32 pm) Here we go... (5:33 pm)  James Young will go to KENTUCKY! Young holds up a t-shirt saying KENTUCKY BOUND. (5:34 pm) "The Harrison twins are great players and I can't wait to play with them."

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