The Kick That Defied Physics

Matt Jones09/14/14


Article written by:Matt Jones
7_3093028 I have never really seen anything like it on the football field. Outside of my old high school golf team member Brandon Terry, whose patented "Terry Hook" somehow found a way to curve up to four different directions in one shot, I don't think I have ever seen a ball take the flight path that Austin McGinnis's kick did last night. With just a few minutes left in the fourth quarter and needing a 51 yarder to tie it up, the McGinnis kick looked initially to be an unfortunate miss. After starting with a slight draw, the ball quickly spurted towards the right, causing all the Florida fans and the UK coaching staff to assume the worst. But then right at the last minute, it somehow hooked back just enough to nudge the goal post and go through. The astonishing kick caused watch parties all over the state to scream in jubilation and the UK sidelines lost their collective minds. But in hindsight, what is most amazing is that it even happened. Balls don't fly like that. Watch it again: At that moment, you almost had to assume the hand of God was with us. We were destined to win. Nobody makes kicks like that and then loses, right? Unfortunately not...but like the Patrick Sparks three versus Michigan State in 2005, I think this is a play in a losing effort that I will always remember. When Sparks' shot bounced three times on the rim and softly fell in, it seemed an impossible result showcasing a team's destiny to win. This looked to be a repeat. Neither ended up being correct, but McGinnis on Saturday night gave us one to put in the memory bank.

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