The Kidz Place Recruiting Korner

The Kidz Place Recruiting Korner

C.M. Tomlinover 9 years


Article written by:C.M. TomlinC.M. Tomlin
Hello parents! Spring is here and with it comes the Kidz Place's annual recruitment drive. As always, we here at Kidz Place count on your help in the bringing in of new and worthy students to our Azure Valley location, and this year is no different. Our recruiting teams are always scouting the community for children who can and will help Kidz Place once again become the top Pre-K daycare center in the area. Please take note of the following recruiting news and -- as with every year -- we hope you'll join us in the efforts to bring these worthwhile children into our "play space" with your own children for maximum benefits for all. -Four-star chalk art recruit Gavin Mellencamp, whose list once included Kidz Place, Little Hands, Wise Owl and PlayStop, has narrowed his list down to two, according to recent tweets by his father. A recent in-house visit to PlayStop yielded little in the way of acceptable blocks for Mellencamp, whose father says will be a very important factor in his decision. KidzPlace and Wise Owl currently offer the most and varied types of blocks, from Duplo maxi-blocks to traditional wooden, while Little Hands is known for only offering semi-durable foam blocks. With PlayStop off the table for Mellencamp and a limited collection at Little Hands, I'd expect Mellencamp to narrow his choices further in the upcoming weeks. It should be noted that he's scheduled for an in-house at Little Hands next Wednesday, which we all know is the day they bring their rabbits in, and that could prove impressive enough to keep the school on his list. We'll see. -The parents of Madison Klingler, of the upscale Dancing Meadows Subdivision, stopped in on Monday to speak with our staff and they seemed impressed. As you already know, Klingler has shown remarkable acumen with putting together princess outfits on her own, which denotes a strong aptitude for storybook comprehension. I don't need to tell you that Klingler would be a great addition to Kidz Place, especially during "Fairy Tale Week," and her father's new job as a pediatric allergist would also be a strong connection for Kidz Place parents. -Bradley Kingston, who many of you may have seen in action at the Doe Park Library branch playing with the trains, has expressed an interest in Kidz Place. Kingston, I think, would make a great addition to Kidz Place as we recently saw the early departure of Victor Farmer, who previously brought an great affinity to trains to our play area. Efforts are being made to bulk up on our train toys before his visit in late April and hopefully he and his parents will see Kidz Place as a viable choice for their son. -Our sources tell us that Ashley Harmon, Jenny Wilder and Alexis Furthington continue to be a package deal, having grown up just houses apart from one another and enjoying each others' company in the same playgroup for several months. This trio would really be a great get for us, especially with Harmon's accomplished fingerpainting skills and Wilder's love of kitties. If we have to take Furthington too, I think we can -- she's not someone we really need right now, but if it means swaying the whole group I'll take it. We should have the room on our roster. -The more I think about the offer on the table to Chase Zanes, the more I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Several parents have concerns about Zanes' willingness to interact with others during "team play" and feel his tantrums could be a distraction when his mother leaves him as he's currently going through a phase where he's struggling with separation anxiety. I've seen Zanes personally, and his scissor skills are far beyond any I may have ever seen from a child his age, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra hassle we may see if he chooses Kidz Place. -Louis Tamborline should be considered a three-star recruit right now, though he could go higher if he can learn to share. Tamborline is a GREAT kid, really into cars, and despite these drawbacks (which should improve) I still think he'd be great here. We'll see what happens. Thanks to all of you Kidz Place parents for your continued interest in your children's future classmates and remember to talk up Kidz Place should you see the parents of these toddlers when you're out in the community. With your help, we can keep Kidz Place the tops in the city! A few other reminders: please remember when bringing cookies for the entire class that Cassie Holleran has peanut allergies. And we are still trying to figure out who pooped in the cowboy hat during Let's Pretend Day last week. I'm sure hearing that from your children was alarming; please rest assured we are trying to get to the bottom of it and the hat in question has been discarded. Here's to a great April and beyond! Sincerely, Marjorie Rollins Director, The Kidz Place

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