The KSR Friday Night Picks - Week 3

Hunter Campbellover 11 years


And back we are for a third week of hot picking action. Two of the newest members of the KSR crew set the pace last week, as Chris Johns and Patrick Barker both posted scorching 9-1 records, missing on UConn and Oklahoma State, respectively. John Wilkersley, aka Intern, managed an 8-2 clip but has been called by the President to be his number one advisor on the Haiti situation and thus could not pick this week. Barker's 16-4 record through two weeks puts him miles ahead of the competition, but with several good weeks any one of us could get close enough to see him from our house. Here's to hoping. There are some great matchups this weekend, so without further ado, onto the picks... (all times EST) Saturday Duke at Georgetown, 1 p.m., CBS Duke managed their first road win of the year last Saturday and followed it up with a win over Florida State, while Georgetown was ground into a fine powder by Syracuse, having been outscored 73-42 after jumping out to a 14-0 lead. Fortunately for the Hoyas, Duke is not quite in the same league with Syracuse. Unfortunately for the Hoyas, they weren't either. Still, I like Greg Monroe to dominate inside and Georgetown to keep the turnovers to a minimum, a must if you're to beat the Dukies, which I think the Hoyas will do. Louisville at West Virginia, 12 p.m., ESPN
Despite knocking off Cincinnati last week, the Cards still lack a win over a sure NCAA tournament team. West Virginia would provide that if the Cards could manage to switch it up and, you know, play well for a little while. Too bad the Mountaineers only home loss came by a point to the aforementioned Orange and their championship-contending squad. Louisville contends only for the championship in extramarital affairs that took place in an Italian restaurant, and while it's likely that no one will touch them there, they're equally unlikely to come within ten points of West Virginia.
Baylor at Texas, 4 p.m. Texas is reeling after dropping two of their last three but Baylor is working on a similar run and will need the win to keep from dropping to 2-4 in the Big 12. There was a period of time where I believed Texas was the best team in the country, but that tide has turned. Their lack of an elite point guard and depth inside has begun to show and a two game slide will generally expose the problems of any team. Good friends Rick Barnes and Coach Cal even commiserated a little this week about the plight of their recently top-ranked teams and, considering what might be exposed about some of our whacked-out fans if we also lose two straight as #1, I hope Coach Cal didn't listen to a word. Regardless of all that, Texas should continue their rebound and manage the Bear attack like a good Schrute. Kansas at Kansas State, 7 p.m., ESPN Tha Jayhawks are primed to regain the top spot in the polls come Monday, but their intrastate rivals have proved themselves legit despite falling against Oklahoma State last weekend and will be pumped up with College Gameday in town, provided they're not too distracted by Digger Phelps creeping on their cheerleaders. Kansas is the better team without question, but they're traveling to the Octagon of Doom, where K-State has already knocked off a top-ranked team this season. This really feels like a toss-up, so when in doubt, the best picks are based on an arbitrary reason. K-State's Jacob Pullen has a sweet beard. I also have a sweet beard. I'll take the Wildcats. Harvard at Cornell, 7 p.m. We venture into the Ivy League for this matchup of teams full of future world leaders and ponzi scheme orchestrators. Both squads are unbeaten in the league, and in a conference void of a postseason tournament this game will have major implications for who gets to go to the dance, even though whoever makes it will just end up sitting in the corner when they get there. Harvard is good, but they're coached by a Dookie and they're playing against Mark Coury and Andy Bernard's alma mater. I'll take the Big Red. No way I'm picking against the Flurry. Georgia at South Carolina, 7 p.m. I would rather be a contestant in a reality show where I compete for the love of a three-week old glass of milk than pick South Carolina this week. Dawgs. Next question. Sunday Florida at Tennessee, 1 p.m., CBS Who to take? The team on the way down after riding emotion to some improbable wins? Or the team that, short of two lucky buzzer-beaters, would be little more than an afterthought. The Gators have lost four straight in Knoxville, but Tennessee has dropped their last two, including a home loss to Vandy. I really have very little faith in Tennessee, but have even less in Florida, so I'm taking the Vols and just cheering that someone loses. Minnesota at Ohio St., 1 p.m., CBS A matchup of two teams that seem to find their way into the picks every week for no reason other than there being no basketball west of the Big 12 worthy of any mention. If this game were at Minnesota, I'd trust Tubby to slow it down enough to keep Evan Turner in check and possibly pull the upset. With it being in Columbus, I don't see any way they stop him as Ohio State should get a win they need to keep pace for second place in the Big 10+1. Maryland at Clemson, 5:30 p.m. It seems that the annual second-half Clemson implosion has already begun, as they followed up losses to respectable Georgia Tech and Duke with something less than respectable in a loss at lowly Boston College. The Terps are leading the ACC, somehow, but have yet to face any of the teams that occupy the four spots behind them. They're hot, but the potential that their stay at the top of the league could be fool's gold is huge. Maryland is playing better right now, but I think Clemson will beat a team they're more talented than at home in a game they need. Virginia at North Carolina, 7:45 p.m. Virginia is another team that surprised many with their jumping out to a 3-0 start in the ACC. Unfortunately, similar to Maryland, in reality they're not very good. Not much can be said for North Carolina either, however, making this game mildly intriguing. Virginia plays a deliberate pace, and if Carolina's guards are the same waste of space that they have been for the better part of the year, the Cavs can pull what may not even truly be an upset this year. The Heels seemed to right the ship a bit against NC State this week, and the talent gap should be too much for Virginia to overcome, as much as I'd like them to. --- So now you can consider yourselves primed for a big weekend in college basketball and you'll have something to do after we finish destroying the nerds from Vandy. Even the Tri-Lambs can't save them now. Writer picks and standings after the jump...
Duke/GTown Ville/WVU Bay/Tex KU/KSU Har/Corn UGA/USC Fla/Tenn Minn/tOSU MD/Clem UVA/UNC
Matt Duke WVU Texas Kan Cornell USC Tenn Ohio St. Clem UNC
Beisner GTown WVU Texas Kan Cornell UGA Tenn Ohio St. MD UNC
BTI GTown WVU Texas Kansas Cornell USC Tenn Ohio St. Clem UNC
Drew GTown WVU Texas Kansas Cornell USC Tenn Ohio St. Clem UNC
Dustin Duke WVU Texas Kansas Harvard UGA Tenn Ohio St. MD UNC
Lentz Duke WVU Texas Kansas Cornell UGA Fla Ohio St. Clem UNC
Johns Duke L-Ville Texas K-State Harvard UGA Tenn Ohio St. MD UNC
Barker GTown WVU Texas Kansas Cornell UGA Fla Ohio St. Clem UNC
Hunter GTown WVU Texas K-State Cornell UGA Tenn Ohio St. Clem UNC
Last Week Overall
Matt 7-3 12-8
Beisner 7-3 12-8
BTI 6-4 12-8
Intern 8-2 13-7
Drew 6-4 11-9
Dustin 7-3 12-8
Kate 5-5 9-11
Lentz 6-4 10-10
Johns 9-1 12-8
Barker 9-1 16-4
Hunter 5-5 10-10

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