The KSR Mailbag, Vol. 1, No. 11

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


Welcome to the KSR Mailbag! The idea for this feature wasn't born from the many, many mailbags associated with sports blogs and TV shows...oh, no, that's way too cliche. The KSR Mailbag was born from the halftime break in KSR's live blogs, during which I would take over for the guys while they went to use the bathroom or flirt with the lady in charge of the nacho cheese dispenser. During those halftimes, you and I talked about just about anything: life, love, the pursuit of happiness, Triscuits vs. Wheat name it, we covered it. Heck, sometimes we even talked about sports. So think of this as the "halftime" of your week. Starting on Thursday of each week, tweet your questions to me @MrsTylerKSR with the hashtag #ksrmailbag, and if they're worthy, they'll make the cut and will be posted on Wednesday's KSR Mailbag, along with my response. Leggo! Things that surprised me from the KSR Summit: 1) The site re-design is actually happening 2) Kristen Geil is not a robot 3) The Hyatt in downtown Lexington thought we were important enough to put dishes of free Runts on the table. Things that did not surprise me: 1) At one point, Matt just "needed to get barefoot" and kicked off his flip flops. I don't blame him, the Hyatt conference room carpet was quite plush. 2) There was absolutely no one in the Hyatt lobby at 1 p.m. on a Sunday 3) I still don't like Runts, but felt compelled to eat them because they were free. Look. We are the only fan base that cares about basketball 24/7. And while Cal's in charge and the team is winning, the media is going to exploit our obsession for easy hits. It's just a fact of life. The Critical Coaches series ends on Friday, and tomorrow's topic is "Are coaches confident that the NCAA is good enough at catching cheaters to give them a level playing field in recruiting?", so I'd say you can expect at least two more UK-centric articles. I'm sure they'll troll on, popping out the annual article about Cal vs. Pitino, Cal vs. Coach K, Cal vs. the Easter Bunny, ad nauseam until the end of time. At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if they put out an article questioning the fairness of UK's alumni game on September 15th without realizing that UNC does the same thing each season. Does it make you angry? Probably, but you're playing into their hands. Just don't click the link. Randall Cobb lakehairdontcare flya moola catchin feelings Anything Perry Stevenson says Team No Sleep Don't Geek panties sexy panties (looking at you, Ryan Lemond) By now, my dream of opening a UK sports bar in Nashville is no longer a secret. In fact, if all of the realists in my life would stop telling me opening a bar/restaurant is a horrible idea, it would be a reality. Until then, the bar tentatively titled "The Taproom" will live on in, gathering momentum with each saved penny. It would be a magical place, modeled after Jack Demsey's in NYC and The Pony in Chicago, with a big wooden bar, exposed brick and beams, and garage door style windows to let light and fresh air in. It will be one of Nashville's only smoke-free sports bars, filled with as many flat-screens and UK banners as possible. We'd have an area for the guys to do their radio show and podcasts when they're in town, and a designated recliner from which I can live blog during games. And Kristen, if we get everyone on board, projected earnings are high, and instead of runts, we'll serve complimentary movie popcorn. I'll take more suggestions in the comments section. Definitely. I hope you're okay with wearing only Kentucky apparel and a paper flat top. "BTI Sucks" is KSR's universal truth. Like 2 + 2 = 4, the sky being blue, or Kevin Stallings liking tacos. Whenever things get crazy, we ground ourselves with the simple fact that no matter what happens, BTI will always suck. It's our constant. Hey, those nine minutes between 6:51 and 7 p.m. are important. A lot could happen between then: dinner, phone calls, the couple on "House Hunters" finally making a decision...Aaron just wants to make sure you are provided with the best and most informative Kentucky basketball links on the web before getting on with your night. Considering that the current NCAA record for most blocks in a single game is 16 (Mickel Gladness, Alabama A&M), yes, I'd say that would be some sort of record. Here's a question for you, Barnes: why not? I love Carly Rae Jepsen as much as the next person, but when the Pittsburgh Steelers do a parody of a song, it's overplayed. That didn't stop me from naming my fantasy football team "Cobb Me Maybe." I've reached out to my fellow KSR writer to check on this, and will let you know ASAP. But, even if he doesn't come, you should, because last year's was awesome. Unfortunately, the women's clinic is on a Wednesday night this time around (October 3rd), but that's not stopping me from driving up. It also won't stop the players from signing autographs well into the wee hours of a school night. Deep fried Derby Pie FTW. But, is there anything weirder than deep fried kool aid? Over the years I've been "Time to Caliparty," "Och'no you didn't," "Vick in a Box," and now, "Cobb Me Maybe" (thanks to Ally Tucker for help on the last one). Good fantasy football team names are few and far between, so I encourage you to share yours in the comments section to help Jax out. Great questions this week, keep them coming via tweet or email!

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