The KSR P.H.B. - Round One - Billy Donovan vs. Wayne Chism

Hunter Campbellover 12 years


Bruce Pearl took care of Nick Calathes yesterday, sending the choker back to couch fishing with Beavis but leaving him with plenty of time to rehearse his free throw stroke. Here is your featured comment, which is actually an excerpt of a really long comment, but you probably didn't care about that anyway. from El_Joe: So we don’t hate Pearl because he’s successful. More because he’s a douche. Pearl’s obnoxiousness doesn’t speak for itself, it screams. The bracket changes I promised will be announced Monday, assuming I am not too lazy to figure it all out between now and then. The one promise I can make is that Seth Davis, like a hot team late in the season, has worked his way off the bubble and into the field. Congratulations, Seth. As for today's action, here we go: (3) Billy Donovan - Let's see here. Donovan isn't a totally unlikable guy, and even called our great University home for a couple of years. He also orchestrated the rise of a program that has stolen the torch from Kentucky as the class of the SEC over the last few seasons. He took one of the most annoying teams in recent history to two national titles and a win streak against Kentucky that still stings. All the while, Donovan has recruited a Coach K-like parade of impossible-to-like stars that have turned a once afterthought Florida program into the hated Gaytors. Then there was the time I spent on message boards and the internet trying to figure out if he was coming to coach the Cats, which I will never get back and for which I will never forgive him. But the guy owns a horse farm in Lexington, so he can't be all bad, right? (6) Wayne Chism - The most ridiculous of the headband mafia, only double-sided tape keeps Mr. Chism's dome from being tainted by sweat. Honestly, though, now that I sit here and try to write something derogatory about Chism, it occurs to me that I hate the Tennessee program way more than any of the players individually. That's not to say I wouldn't try to steal his headband if I was within arm's reach, but he just doesn't stir up the angry memories like some of the others. Or I could just be in a good mood today, leading to sub-standard hating and general mailing-in of my daily duties. Either way, I have nothing else substantive to say about Chism, so now I'll hit Enter a few times and see what happens. we are down in the conclusion. This is the part where I say, comment in the comments and vote in the poll to the right.

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