The KSR P.H.B. - Round One - Chris Cross vs. The Afternoon Underdogs

Hunter Campbellover 12 years


In the last machup, Rob Bromley edged out Gregg Doyel to move on. Your comment: from soup: Rob Bromley is like a warm glass of milk when all you crave is bourbon. That being said, Gregg Doyel aint sporting a UK lapel pin. Hate! Hate! Hate! (4) Chris Cross - Now, let me say up front that I do not live in Lexington and haven't listened to much Chris Cross (although Young, Rich and Dangerous is maybe the best rap CD ever, but that's a different XX) but I've developed a pretty good understanding of how bad the guy sucks all the same. In preparation for this piece, I was told, by a member of the KSR family who should post more, this about Cross and his show: "For starters, the premise of his show is nothing to do with "sports talk" and everything to do with local advertisements...picture a fat, hairy carpetbagger from New York moving down with zero prior knowledge of Kentucky or UK athletics, attempting to host a UK athletics call-in show. There's the show. " Well, let's see. I hate New Yorkers. I hate the Yankees. I hate those annoying Northern accents (I'll take mine with a twang, thank you). And I couldn't imagine listening to one of them hosting a show which theoretically could be used for the exchange of useful information about Kentucky athletics. Then again, I assume it's guys like Cross that make guys like Matt Jones sit up and say, "Beisner! The TV at the KSR compund is for game film and The Hills only. Quit with the Cinemax pay-per-views. Boone's can't feed your habit anymore." "Wow, I think I can do radio."  Mr. Cross, I knew I hated you before I met you. (5) The Afternoon Underdogs - Not to be outdone, Louisville has its own version of radio suckage to hang its flat-billed hat on (<---This is a FGM joke and I stole it). The Afternoon Underdogs are a part of what used to be the second- or third-best sports talk station in Louisville, before Tom Jurich's panties got in a proverbial twist over the 'known Louisville detractors" on 93.9 and he flexed his mock turtlenecked muscle to get them removed from air. For those who don't know, WKRD is basically a Louisville cheerleading station, like ESPN for Duke. It's like state-run media in Communist Russia. Now combine the unchecked love of the Cards from WKRD with the expected grand-douchiness that people who might host a show on that station would exhibit, factor in the standard multiplier of 2.6, and you have a suck index of 42.3. Against a lot of people, 42.3 would give them a great shot. Against Chris Cross, unless you're pushing four digits, it probably won't make a difference. Vote in the poll, comment in the comments. And please, please, rally around a team that needs it now as much as ever. If it's true there is a rift between coach and players, then the players have to know there is no rift between them and the fans. Cheer your ass off for the next few weeks, and let's try and save the insanity for after the season, when it won't compound the negatives that may already be happening. Also, if I read another comment about substitution patterns and play-calling, I'm going to gouge out my eyes, and I have some stuff to do this weekend where I'm gonna need to see so let's try to avoid that, k?

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