The KSR P.H.B. - Round One - Rob Bromley vs. Gregg Doyel

Hunter Campbellover 12 years


Yesterday, Maggard took down Larry Glover to move on to the next round. In the interest of not continuing the nerd fight and instead preparing the masses for future ones, here is your featured comment (follow the link): from some goober named Thomas Breisner: play by the rules, kids: (3) Rob Bromley - A long-time favorite of the KSR bunch, Bromley has been a staple on the sidelines of UK games for years. Over the last few years, though, as enthusiastic talents like Kyle Macy have broken into the game-calling business, Bromley has turned into the Milton of the Big Blue Network world, with his office space going from the play-by-play all the way to becoming BBN's own Jeanine Edwards on the sidelines. Lucky for Coach Gillispie, he gets a date with Bromley every week on the coach's show. (No word yet on the status of Bromley's Swingline stapler.) But, as we all know, the man's most famous gig, the one where he made his mark, was when he went inside the huddle. Some examples (not directly quoted, although I wouldn't be surprised if they were actual quotes.) --"Coach Smith stressed playing tougher defense in that huddle. He said, 'Play tougher defense,' to his team. Back to you guys." --"Honestly I couldn't hear anything from that huddle, but Coach Smith looked intense and Randolph Morris was looking thirsty. He got some water. Drink up big guy. There you go. Down tha hatch. Wait a second. I'm still on?" --"Coach was all over his team last timeout, and hungry, saying something about needing to arrange a scone." "Um...Rob...I think he was saying 'Change to zone.'" "Back to you guys." (6) Gregg Doyel - An actual KSR favorite, Gregg has been very helpful to Matt and the site over the years, which is why it's odd that I was held at gunpoint and told to insert him into the bracket, lest "We go see how Tyler Thompson feels about putting him in," the masked man told me. Truthfully, before realizing he was a friend of this site, Doyel's columns used to irritate the hell out of me. And I think that's the point, outside of course of making people think beyond the bullbutter about sports we're fed every day. Doyel is the best in the business at telling people what they might not want to hear, at a time they don't want to listen, and in a way they don't want to be told. For that, kudos, Mr. Doyel. Now, since this is a hater bracket, I have to say something bad. That mohawk...I could take it or leave it. Now, I hope Gregg Doyel the boxer doesn't show up at my door, punching me in places I don't want to be punched, at a time I don't want to be punched and in a way I don't want to be punched. Comment in comments. Vote in poll.

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