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The KSR P.H.B. - Round Three - Joakim Noah vs. Bruce Pearl

Laettner toppled Coach K to move on from our last matchup. Here's the best comment from the festivities: from CanTuckeeBoi: If Coach Cal could vote he would simply say “Voting for Laettner is not the hard part, not voting for Coach K is what is going to be so difficult” (1) Joakim Noah - The ugliest, most annoying player in basketball history, period. Just looking at the guy makes me sick to my stomach with anger. Or, given that he looks like a mangled animal, just sick to my stomach with...sickness. (2) Bruce Pearl - Yes, he is greasy. Yes, he is almost as annoying as his opponent in this round. No, I would not leave him alone with any female member of my family. Yes, he really did this. Despite all these things, I hate to say I think Brucie doesn't stand a chance against the man-bear-pig. It was a good run, but it seems nothing will stand in the way of Laettner and Noah's crash course for the finals. Vote in the poll and comment below. It's almost over, I promise.

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