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hamster Today was one of the more frustrating days that I can remember. While at a legal conference, the KSR site decided to not only crash (which we are used to), but break, as one of our servers completely died, causing the site to break down faster than Rick Pitino before a grand jury. The site was down for almost nine hours, and I spent a good deal of that time on the phone, going nuts as our Hosting folks tried to come to grips with the great crash of 2010. They think it is fixed, although I am sure it isnt, so we will hope that things are better today. It actually is a difficult problem, as the site's poor structure (created when we never thought anyone would ever read it), combined with the huge amounts of traffic, the moments of everyone coming at the exact same instance, and the fact that a free site can only have so many dedicated servers, makes it tough to get a perfect solution. Luckily for us, the day the site went down was one of the bigger days in recent weeks and was full of news that we didnt get to talk about on here. Oh well, what are you gonna do? We shall try again and in the spirit of our fearless leader John Calipari, we will "bounce back" once more. Lots of notes, so lets get to it: --- The biggest story of the day is certainly the fact that the Cats are the unanimous #1 in both polls and become the first team to hold that nod this year. They are also of course the only undefeated team left in the land, and they are atop the college basketball world once again. Now the question is, how do they roll with it? Playing at South Carolina on ESPN is a chance to show the nation, "we arent a one and one at number one" and to put a beatdown on a team that surprisingly had the CAts' number these last couple of years. It really is a test of maturity tomorrow night and I am excited to see how they handle it. --- One of the main components of the Cats' team had another big day as the "Toothless Wonder" Boogie was named SEC Freshman of the Week for what was like the 4,000th time. He won the award after only playing 17 minutes this week in a game that Kentucky won by 31. Are their other Freshman on teams outside the Bluegrass, or is that not the case? --- Tickets went on sale for College Gameday and it is now SOLD OUT, an unbelievable accomplishment for the UK fanbase. I have to say, I know some of the events that will be going on during Gameday and after, and it will be a great event that you should try and attend if you are able. --- There was a mini-drama today when Calipari exchanged pleasantries with John Buccigross, who in addition to being the best journalist I know named "Buccigross" is also a fellow Pennsylvanian with Calipari. Cal called him a "jagoff", which apparently is a term of affection for those that you like, and thus the moments of controversy were wrongfully created. Along those lines, Alan Cutler is a jagoff. --- Bobby Knight spent most of the game tonight praising Cole Aldrich. Here is a lesson for listening to any Bobby Knight-called game. If the kid is (a) white and (b) has a buzzcut or (c) plays at Duke, get ready for the biggest fawning session not involving John Madden and Brett Favre, that is imaginable. I am back to the 80s UK fan zone, hating Bobby Knight and his unkempt eyebrows. --- The UK football players are getting into Draft mode, well at the least the Seniors that are headed in that direction. Two UK players were picked for the Senior Bowl, Trevard Lindley and John Connor, signs that both could play themselves into Rounds 2-5, depending on need and combine performance. Trevard is currently considered a top 8 Cornerback and Connor is ranked as the #2 Fullback by Mel Kiper. --- A few more notes on the UK-Texas series we talked about last night. The source that gave me the information on the proposed series said that the games are intentionally at "neutral" sites and are all in places Calipari wants to play. Some fans questioned why you would not play in Rupp, and the reason is simple. Calipari wants these games in Houston, Dallas, Louisville and either Cincy or Nashville. So if the series comes to be, that is where they will be. --- While I like to read them for the news as much as anyone, UK really needs to get control of the player's football Facebook pages. While the basketball guys have said very little beyond entertaining comments on Twitter and Facebook, the football guys have said inappropriate things and gave information that doesnt need to get out. Without calling any of those players out personally, the staff needs to get control of that process. --- If you are an ESPN Bracketology person (and I am sure you are), he had the Cats as the #1 overall seed in the ST Louis bracket, with West Virginia as the 2nd seed and a Missouri/Cal winner matchup in the second round. That woudl be a perfect bracket for the Cats in my view and would lead to the best chance of heading to Indy for the Final Four. By the way, expect UK to be in Milwaukee for Rounds 1 and 2, so you might look for tickets if the Cats keep winning. --- Finally, while Dustin is our recruiting man over here, word keeps getting better on Brandon Knight in a lot of circles. Zagsblog reported that its source said Knight would visit Miami and if nothing changed, soon thereafter commit to Kentucky. I continue to hear that UK is much more confident on where they stand with Knight now than even a couple of months ago. He would be a crucial get to staying at a Top 5-10 level next season. --- And last, Scott Padgett moved on through on "The Bachelor", even though the other women hate him. More all day, as we do our best to keep the server working (cross your fingers). Cats vs Cocks LIVE BLOG at 9:00 pm tomorrow and it will be driven by the good ship Beisner, Drew Franklin and other KSR folks. I will be at Jack Dempseys in New York, watching the game with other UK fans. IF you live in the Big Apple, come join us.

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