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As a Kentucky fan I have mixed feelings about LeBron James.  On the one hand, I have to respect the god given talent – and the hard work – that has made one of the best athletes in the world.  I love the fact that he is close with Calipari (but not close enough to lure him to the NBA,) and that he has helped out with recruiting by being the ‘Y.’  On the other hand I’m firmly on the anti-heat bandwagon.  I admit, there’s nothing particularly wrong about a 26 year old guy moving to Miami to be a millionaire and hang out with his friends.  In fact, there’s a lot that seems right about that decision.  Still, aside from the way he stabbed Cleveland in the back, aside from taking the ‘easy way out,’ aside from lacking the competitive edge that drove past super-stars, I dislike him for one thing.  He has made this season all about the Heat, and that’s going to get annoying.  Yesterday.

On a side note, I actually like that commercial.  A lot of hidden shots at other players, and it has answers for a lot of haters like me.  Plus I always feel that if athletes become villains they should embrace it.  Still waiting for Tiger to start frequenting Strip Clubs with R Kelly.

Onto the news.

-Obviously the NBA debuts tonight, and I have never been this excited about it before. There are so many story lines, from the over-arching ‘At what point will the Heat become a disappointment, if ever’ to the local ‘At which point will Orton undisappoint,’ and of course – Keith Bogans replacing Michael Jordan in Chicago.  For those of you not in the know, Bledsoe and Boogie are supposed to make their debuts Wednesday night and Wall on Thursday.  Patterson was placed on the ‘inactive’ list, I imagine only because they want to keep him fresh for the play offs.

-Also, the Heat won’t win the championship.  Book it.

-It seems that law enforcement is either stepping up their game or the bartenders have been, as a string of DUI’s has left the wildcat fan base flashing back to the Billy Gillispie days.  Two former Cats, Epps and Camara picked up a pair over the weekend, and news broke yesterday that Matt Roark broke the ‘Don’t get a DUI’ team rule and won’t be playing this weekend against Mississippi State.  I know we joke about things on this site, from Drew drinking, to Gillispie drinking, to Drew drinking, but seriously.  Don’t drink and get behind the wheel.

-On the positive side, Locke is expected to be back for the Mississippi State game.  Joker said he is practicing with the team, but at this point is avoiding taking any real hits, and will likely take it easy through the weekend.  But with a stinger it can flare back up on a moments notice, so while it looks favorable now, there’s no telling if he will make it to the week or even through the whole game.  Here’s hoping though, I don’t need to tell you how important he is to this team.

-In other cool news, Coach Cal announced that we will be seeing three former Kentucky players suiting up in the Blue/White scrimmage this year.  Perry Stevenson, Mark Krebs, and Wayne Turner will get their shot at the new kids tonight in the annual intra-squad scrimmage.  Frankly I’m excited.  I think the game will be really entertaining, especially the Krebs/Polson match up.

Matt will be back on the air today, and it should make for an entertaining show as they plan to get to the bottom of the DUI-fest and make their annual NBA preview, so at least you could tune in to hear him mispronounce half of the Wizards roster.

Stick around for more fun and ridiculousness than you can shake Favre’s stick at, as BTI impersonation week kicks off.  Or maybe that’s Wednesday.  Anyways, have a good one, and I will see you soon.

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