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the point after randall cobb

On Monday, most UK fans found out about The web site was clearly inspired by Murph's Legend of Cobb sign (which we had introduced to the Big Blue Nation and had traveled back safely from Athens); it even featured the same touchdown-counter layout as the sign.

Funny thing was that Murph didn't know anything about the web site.

Murph was able to contact the owner of the, as was I. The owner, Paul, explained to me via email his reasoning on why he created the site:

I had been trying to come up with some ideas for getting the word out and kind of had an 'ah ha' moment when I saw the sign. I debated on whether I should get that domain because I didn't want to seem like a squatter, but I also knew with my web background not many people could take the site to where it needed to be to best represent the skills of Mr. Cobb. So I got the domain as well as, both domains will go to the same site.

Paul added that he's not looking to make money from the site: he just wants to salute and support Randall.

Paul told me he was hoping he would get in contact with Murph, as he would love to feature the sign on the site. On Wednesday I had the pleasure to meet Murph in person. Murph told me that he and Paul are working together to produce some content for the site; including a page for tracking the Legend of Cobb sign as it travels from venue to venue around the SEC.

Paul and Murph exemplify the best of college football fandom: Guys who maximize their talents to salute deserving student-athletes. I look forward to another season or two of Randall making (as Murph calls it) "the point after" each touchdown.

If anybody who had time to design a website, please contact me regarding

(By the way, if you missed Christopher John's awesome story about the Pattersons' and a cute little girl, go read it now! Can we retire Mr. and Mrs. Patterson's numbers on Senior Day too?)

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