The Legend of the Harrison Twins grows

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


AARON-ANDREW-HARRISON-UK-JERSEY For months, we've heard how competitive the Harrison Twins are. They've been described as stone cold killers, and Cal called them alpha males (Andrew especially) with the will to win that was missing from last year's squad. In the first installment of a series profiling UK's 2013 class, examines the twins, who they describe as "absolute killers." Let's go over the highlights:
They are cold-blooded. These two want to win, they want to bury you and stick around to pile the dirt up on you. They want to win 100-0 and each score 50. Not in a selfish way, but in the killer way. A real killer always wants to be the one pulling the trigger.
That mentality can have some drawbacks. Quick-tempered players always make a mistake or two because of their emotions, and BBN has been known to hold them accountable for it. However, the author points out: "do you want a nice guy to lead you through battle or a badass?" Badass FTW. They back all that attitude up with skill. RookieWire says that the twins are perfect for the dribble drive offense, based on their ability to attack the rim, penetrate and kick or dribble in and lob. Andrew is particularly apt at attacking the lane, while Aaron "can drive in or spot up and drop bombs with sniper-like precision." Is it November yet?? [RookieWire: #GSOC: Killer Duo — Andrew & Aaron Harrison] You looked like you wanted some highlights, too:

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