The lost KSR paparazzi photos of 2008: Bromley does Vegas

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Wow. What a couple of days it has been around here for you, sweet KSR readers. First, you get a holly, jolly shoutout from Kige Ramsey. Then, you unwrap the gift of Gidel (that's your mom said) and receive a gift certificate for a Greg Anthony LiveBlog. Could the Christmas season get any better for the Kentucky Sports Radio nation? Well, maybe. I came home last night to an email from our paparazzi friend who, partially because of the down economy and partially because he's just a real sweetheart, has decided to unleash some of the photos that he took this year that we were never able to afford. So, as we near the end of this outstanding year, we'll sporadically give you a look into some of the activities of our Kentucky friends and the events we missed as we uncover The lost KSR Paparazzi photos of 2008. THIS IS A PARODY First up, Rob Bromley hits the Vegas strip at the Las Vegas Invitational.   It all started out innocent enough as The Brominator made his charge to take over the strip.  He di what every middle-aged man does in Vegas - dress like a 25-year old douche and hit on girls young enough to be his daughter. Not surprisingly,  The Brominator had some success. But, for this Kentucky broadcasting trap star, fun only goes so far when you're rolling solo and he knew things had to change fast.  So, The Brominator quickly dialed up his two closest bros and decided it was going to be a Dude's Night Out.  It was time to do the types of things that would have to "stay in Vegas".   But, things spiraled out of control quickly and Alan Cutler and Santa Kige were unable to keep the Brominator in line.  The club didn't mind when stood on a table and sang "Bromilicious" when Fergie came on, but when he got a little too handsy with the staff, he had to go.  So, following true bro rule #52, Santa Kige and Cutler decided that they'd leave the cabaret as well and do their best to get The Brominator back to being Rob by coating his stomach with some late night food. After engaging in a delightful conversation about UK basketball where The Brominator called players by the wrong names, Cutler and Santa Kige gave each other a victorious nod, knowing that Rob was back and the Brominator was gone. But then, out of nowhere, The Brominator returned as he decided the only way he could enjoy a Vanilla Coke was with his Lee Dungarees around his ankles.   Unfortunately, what happened after the trio left the restaurant and made their way back to the hotel is the part that has to "stay in Vegas".  You see, that's what The Brominator does.  He sets goals and then he reaches them. But, unfortunately for Bromley, this Dude's Night Out ended as they all do.  The guy who hits it the hardest all night passes out first and falls victim to a little Sharpie vandalism - something Alan Cutler and Santa Kige were more than happy to provide.  That victim tonight was the man, the myth, the legend.  Rob Bromley. Man, that Rob Bromley sure knows how to get down.  Thanks to our super paparazzi for the early gift and I can't wait for the next free installment "Beyond the Jungle:  Razor and Jared do Africa".  Adios.

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