The Makings of a Movie Star

The Makings of a Movie Star

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I admit that I have always wanted to be in the movies. As a kid, watching such gems as Revenge of the Nerds 2, Funny Farm and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I thought to myself, "Self, you should be in the pictures." Of course I never thought that would happen. One, I have never had the guts to move to California....too far, too close to water and the football games would come on too early in the morning. Second, I have never been much of an actor. Sure I starred in my high school's production of "Its a Wonderful Life" (and did a mean Charleston dance just for the heck of it), but I never fancied myself the next Paul Newman. Well that was until YouTube. See thanks to the internet, anyone with five dollars worth of software can create their own home "movies" and post them for the world to see. I love YouTube, although it seems to be mostly stolen television clips, people talking into the camera while dancing to Ludacris and videos of folks falling down. However it has also become a place for amateur Spielbergs. And one of those has apparently come up with this glorious diddy linked below, where my picture makes its MOVIE DEBUT!!!! This film, made by someone who wants to Fire Tubby (instead of oh....talking to a woman for the first time in his life), is about those who support the Tubbster as coach of UK. Apparently those people are "Danglers" and can see for yourself. I fully understand that were it not for me linking this, only a few die hards would see it, but when you are the object of someone's ire, you have to take advantage of it while the iron is hot! By the way, I will be signing autographs at the Huddle House (along with Woo) next week....

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