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The Mark Stoops Show was ELECTRIC

Nick Roush09/26/16


Article written by:On3 imageNick Roush


[caption id="attachment_207474" align="alignnone" width="724"]UK Athletics UK Athletics[/caption] Normally there isn't too much entertainment value in a coach's call-in show.  An exception is after a loss, but tonight was an exception to the exception. It started with a caller telling the coach, "I almost feel like Kentucky is the Chicago Cubs of football."  Noting the Cats were without a double-digit winning season since '77, he preceded to throw shade at Eddie Gran's offense. "Most of those daggers have been coming at me and the defense," Stoops responded with a chuckle. A few minutes later, a caller from Williamsburg asked Stoops why he shouldn't take Alabama to cover the spread.  In theory, it's a decent question, but I don't think the man with the foreign accent knew that absolutely not under any circumstances can Stoops discuss gambling. The cherry on top came from Darryl, of #TeamDarryl fame.  During the debate with Chester, he called out his opponent for calling in to the radio show and "kissing Stoops' butt."  After taking an L in the debate, he took matters into his own hands. Darryl's question was simple: "What is it that the players aren't getting better once they get to you?" Even though he thought he landed a haymaker, Stoops stepped aside from the negativity.  He didn't address it directly then, but at one moment the Coach addressed the fans directly about the negativity surrounding the program. "We need everybody.  We need everybody who says they're in the Big Blue Nation behind this team." He added, "Some of the things that go on just fragment a program. The negativity doesn't help anybody.  We need everybody pulling in the same direction." That's one way to address the haters, but I prefer the way this caller addressed them.  "All these children need to sit down, go back to day care and get to playing with your toys." The show ended how you'd expect: with a caller stating he'd rather have Tommy Tuberville as the coach. To re-watch the show, listen here

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