The Marquis Teague Situation

Dustin Rumbaughover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Dustin RumbaughDustin Rumbaugh
Last Saturday, when Kentucky played Tennessee at home, Marquis Teague was supposed to be amongst the guests in attendance. However, that visit was canceled because Marquis' father, Shawn Teague, had some coaching duties that came up unexpectedly. Getting Teague on to campus has proved to be a tough task for UK's staff but don't let that lead you into thinking that Teague doesn't have strong feelings for the Cats. The reasons for not visiting have been legit and a visit from Teague WILL happen this Spring. Shawn Teague recently told the Indy Star that they are still planning to try to make a game before Marquis' season ends. That's going to be extremely important for UK since they plan on narrowing the list down to two or three schools right after the high school season ends, which will be sometime next month. One would have to believe that at this point, UK, UL and probably IU would be the three leaders but without a chance to actually see the campus and the atmosphere at Rupp, it leaves a lot of question marks where I'm sure the staff doesn't want any question marks. Cincinnati, Purdue, Wake Forest and Ohio State are also in contention and each school has been visited. Meanwhile, Pitino made the trip up to Pike High to watch Teague drop 25 points last week. Kentucky has two home games remaining, South Carolina on the 25th and Florida on March 7th. Teague's basketball schedule is completely open on both days. The opportunity is there and you should feel confident that this staff knows that and will get Teague onto campus before any decisions are made. With the magnificent way that this staff has edged their way up Teague's list, which was though to be owned by UL last summer, it's now time to bring in the closer and shut this deal down. After narrowing it down, Teague plans on making a final decision before he begins his AAU traveling later in the Spring.

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