The Matt Jones Podcast Ep. 71: Bomani Jones

The Matt Jones Podcast Ep. 71: Bomani Jones

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The Matt Jones Podcast keeps on rolling through the coronavirus pandemic as one of Matt's longtime friends, Bomani Jones, joins the program. The ESPN television and radio personality provides a perspective on sports and culture you can't find anywhere else. Matt and Bomani answer a few important and pertinent questions, like... -- Can pro athletes publicly avoid talking politics? -- Is Dennis Rodman interesting? -- Should the NBA play out the end of the season or just start over in the fall? -- Is baseball dead? -- What went wrong with the NBA, Daryl Morey and China? -- Did Biden make a misstep on The Breakfast Club? -- Why is Bomani pessimistic for the return of football? Streaming online is simple through Spotify or you can get it sent directly to your phone by subscribing to The Matt Jones Podcast on iTunes.

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