The Matt Jones Podcast Ep 74: Dr. Ricky Jones

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As protests continue across the country, The Matt Jones Podcast welcomes on Dr. Ricky Jones, a Courier-Journal columnist, host of The Ricky Jones Show and chair of the University of Louisville's Department of Pan-African Studies. Ricky provides perspective on race relations in Louisville and throughout America that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Highlights: -- Are these protests just a fad? -- Colin Kaepernick ended up on the right side of history. -- White supremacy isn't just people marching around in hoods. -- Ricky's reaction to the video of George Floyd's death. -- The positive consequences from good cops holding bad cops accountable. -- There are similarities in groupthink with fraternity hazing and within police forces. -- Does the packaging of arguments and points matter? -- Democrats "treat black people like booty calls." Streaming online is simple through Spotify or you can get it sent directly to your phone by subscribing to The Matt Jones Podcast on iTunes.

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