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michael-porter-fathered-my-childHis baby looks just like mine.  I'd like a paternity test. He hinted at it on Twitter earlier in the week and, for whatever reason, it didn't really register that much with me, but now the word that Michael Porter is writing a book about his experiences as a Kentucky basketball player is making its rounds on the internet.  Porter tweeted on Monday that he had "started writing my book a few weeks ago.  Should give fans an in depth look at the last few years from my view and the other players".  Besides the obvious quesion of "When will Rashad Carruth do the same?", the question now is what we can all expect to find in Porter's book. If the book deals primarily with things that happened during the Gillispie era between the players and the coaches, I'm not sure how much isn't already known or how much interest people will have in hearing other little Gillispie blunders.  However, if the book details what his personal experience was like as a player who was criticized so much in public while still giving everything he had as a player and dealing with his marriage and baby, I have to say that I'd be interested.  Is that what Porter is aiming for or is he hoping for more of a "tell-all" type of book?  I'm not sure.  I should probably ask, but I'm a little too lazy to follow through with that.  I guess you'll just have to wait and see. Of course, it should be noted that there is a big difference between "I'm writing a book" and "I have a book coming out".  Anyone can write a book (I've written 2 and a half) but not everyone can get a book published (try looking for "Beisner, Thomas" at your book store).  However, I think Michael Porter probably has a fair shot of getting something like his printed.  And, if he does, I think he has a pretty good shot at moving more than a few copies. So, what do you think.  Are you buying Michael Porter's book?  And, more importantly, should he be honored at Senior Night this year (yes)?

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