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N CAROLINA KENTUCKY The series between Kentucky and North Carolina kicked off in 2000 when an unranked Wildcats team beat the 6th-ranked Tar Heels in Chapel Hill, 93-76. Kentucky would win the next three in the series, giving them a 4-game winning streak with an average victory margin of 15 points per game. The Tar Heels, though, would rattle off the next five games, taking a 5-4 lead in a series that has featured several All-Americans and (as of this weekend) five different head coaches. However, for Kentucky fans, there is only really one thing you think when you hear Cats and Tar Heels: Tayshaun Prince. To this day, I've yet to attend a sporting event where the crowd was more into the game and cheering any louder than they did on the winter afternoon in 2001. I literally thought the roof was going to fly off of the building. I don't see any reason why that type of emotion and passion shouldn't be present in the Rupp Arena bleachers on Saturday. Make it happen.

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