The Moustache Tries to Become Second in Command

Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Richie made it official today, announcing that he would be seeking the Lt Governor's job, on a ticket with David Williams for the Republican nomination. While he did make one error in judgment (it is the week of the Louisville game red tie ok?), the decision does put him one step closer to one of the two jobs he says he wants, Governor or Athletic Director. With the most dangerous thing following Mitch Barnhart right now being his various attempts to climb mountains, this may be the step to get him one of those two jobs in the quickest manner possible. The video below shows Richie and his moustache making the announcement and in it, he showcases all the excitement one would expect for a chance to be one heartbeat away from running our state. I will never say anything bad about my childhood hero, regardless of what he does (unless he ever pulls an OJ), so I congratulate Richie on his decision and wish him nothing but the best. And if he runs on a "flat tops for all people under the age of 21 ticket", well I may even consider giving him my vote. Next up, Junior Braddy for Railroad Commissioner!

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