The NCAA likes Drew Franklin's style

The NCAA likes Drew Franklin's style

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
drew-franklin-ncaa When Drew Franklin put on his nicest pair of Levi's 501s and crashed the NCAA offices in an effort to get Mark Emmert on camera and on the record, no one really expected him to get an interview from anyone.  But, he did.  He's Drew.  That's what he does.  Even more remarkable, though, is that even after visibly irritating Chuck Wynne and being questioned about how he "does business" off camera, the NCAA appears to be giving Drew some love on their official site.  I think. In their weekly roundup of broken dreamsnews stories, the NCAA's Dave Pickle (he looks like a Dave Pickle), throws a little note in about our friend Drew just below taking shots at Jay Bilas and spelling "Kanter" two different ways in back-to-back sentences.  Despite the obvious mistake of putting the word reporter in quotations (don't question Drew's journo cred), the official pickle of the NCAA called the video "entertaining and interesting to watch", though made it clear that those of you thinking about doing the same thing best think twice about it.  Have a look:  


Like they always say, great players are remembered, but legends change the game. 


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