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[caption id="attachment_240026" align="alignnone" width="1908"] David Butler II | USA TODAY Sports[/caption] Ignore our tardiness. This was published in April but KSR did not. NJ.com did an investigative piece on UK targets Bryan Antoine, Scottie Lewis and the founder of their AAU team, Brian Klatsky. Klatsky founded Team Rio National, which competes on the Under Armour AAU circuit. Klatsky also has a son at the prestigious Ranney School in Tinton Falls, N.J. and describes himself as a "team parent" for Ranney School. In 2017-2018 Ranney won its first conference and sectional title and will be the No. 1 team in New Jersey heading into this season. This has raised eyebrows across New Jersey and nationally as some questioned how Antoine and Lewis ended up at Ranney. You should take 10-20 minutes and read the entire article. We've seen this for decades in college athletics and if history tells us anything there shouldn't be any major issues with Lewis and Antoine, but you can expect the NCAA to take a longer look into their recruitments. You can read the The Kingmaker HERE. It really boils down to these points:
  • Would Klatsky have provided this opportunity for Antoine and Lewis if they weren't basketball stars? (Klatsky helps answer this in the piece)
  • Klatsky is a Florida fan and both players will officially visit Florida (Klatsky says he isn't a UF donor).
  • An athlete's family receiving help for housing and tuition isn't new to college athletics, so is there nothing to see? Nothing has come from this since April, so that's good news for Lewis and Antoine.
  • Following that point, as more and more fans and media members want college athletes to be paid, should this matter? Both are attending great schools, do charitable work and families apparently are in much better situations. If you're for paying athletes, why stop the benefits at the college level?
People will hown opinions on this entire story but it's a thought-provoking read. There's no doubt the NCAA will take an extra look at both of these players and their recruitments, but we doubt the UK targets will have any major eligibility concerns. [mobile_ad]

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