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The NCAA's tweaking how it seeds teams for the Tournament


Anyone else still shudder involuntarily when they read the word “tweak”? No? Just me? Okay.

Anyways, news out of Indianapolis today that the NCAA is tweaking (ugh) how it seeds teams for the NCAA Tournament. From now on, the last four at-large teams will now be included in the “scrubbing” process by the Selection Committee, meaning they will be included in the overall seed list that ranks teams 1-68. The last four at-large teams on the overall seed list will now play in the First Four, which the Committee hopes will even the playing field a little bit.

Additionally, the committee will have more flexibility when handling #2 seeds. From now on, the committee can consider moving a team seeded fifth overall out of its natural geographic area, which will avoid the best number two seed being placed in the same region as the top overall team.

I’m all for that second one.


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