The new face of NFL football

by:Matt Jones09/10/06
So if you were like me, you were excited this weekend for the beginning of NFL football. Professional football has become the official sport of America, passing baseball and leaving its sleepy fans (you hear me Mosley?) in the dust. The first day of action was rather ho hum (although my Chicago Bears showed that Brett Favre is decaying worse than Joe Paterno), but the day games were supposed to all be appetizers for the big event....the debut of Sunday Night football on NBC, showcasing the initial Manning vs Manning game. It actually wasnt the first NBC football telecast, but I boycotted Thursday night's game as soon as I saw that Rascal Flatts was involved. So after watching the initial pre-game (which showcased that Bob Costas thinks he is a little too cute, Jerome Bettis does nothing but smile and someone needs to cut Sterling Sharpe off the buffet), I was ready to go for some good Al Michaels-John Madden action. But just when I was ready to see John Madden sweat gravy, what came on my screen? None other than the lady above, Pink, singing maybe the worst introduction song to a sports show since the NBC Heads up Poker song ("If you think you can beat me one on one.....Heads up....Heads up!). Look, I know NBC is hoping to become the new Monday Night Football and that means attempting to recreate what is essentially an iconic song (sung by of all people, Hank Williams Jr)....but who are the people at NBC who thought the solution was to get PINK? Was there an executive meeting where they said (in their most official voice), "OK lets see....guys seem to like the very masculine and party-centric Hank Williams....who can we get? Well how about Lance he is out with the Turkey Hunter.....ok how about Ricky, no that is too controversial with the new immigration bill. I got it....PINK!" Maybe the song will grow on me (I didnt like "Comin to Your City" on Gameday at first either), but I kind of doubt it.

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