The Next Patrick Patterson?

The Next Patrick Patterson?

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dakotah.jpeg With the Patrick Patterson saga now behind us, the most asked question currently on my plate is of course, "who is the next Patrick Patterson?" Over the next three years I dont expect to see any recruiting sagas quite like Patrick's as it is my guess that Billy Clyde will get most Kentucky prospects wrapped up quickly and early during the recruiting campaigns. But if I were a betting man, the one player that might generate Patterson-like interest is Rose Hill rising Sophomore Dakotah Euton. Euton is a Top 10 player nationally in the Class of 2010.....yes you read that correctly, 2010....but his talent is through the roof and considering his size (around 6'7") and his ability to still grow, Euton has the potential to blow up nationally. Like Darius Miller in the '08 class, Euton is a Kentucky kid, but one that is getting attention from schools outside the Commonwealth. It could be the case that by the time Euton is done, his status nationally could make him the most heralded recruit from the state of Kentucky since a guy named King Rex (or OJ Mayo depending on what state you say he is from). According to Jody Demling, Euton may be receiving an offer from UK as early as today. He will be attending the "Elite" camp this summer at Kentucky (along with also heralded teammate Chad Jackson) and has worked out already at the new Craft Center in Lexington. He is being followed by North Carolina, Ohio St and (guess who) Florida. But many say he has a soft spot in his heart for the Cats, which may allow Billy Clyde to work his early magic. This Rose Hill team is going to be special for the next few years and if Euton and Jackson stay there (and there is no reason to believe they wont), their games will be special for the next few years. So go ahead, tell your friends that dont go on the know of a guy named Dakotah....and he is the new Patterson. And in three years, you will look quite smart.

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