The Office is the Most Depressing Show on TV

Matt Jonesalmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
jimoffice Or at least that is what the author of this article written on a blog believes. According to the author, Jim is now the most depressing character on tv after his marriage, because he now shows the slow decline of a person in his 30s who realizes his dreams are all behind him. Interesting theory...I still think the show is very good and in some ways even better than before, mostly because they let the bit characters carry the storyline. However Jim and Pam, that romance that girls hoped would be theirs and guys were able to not vomit while watching, have become kind of mundane and sad. For the record, I still rank the American "Office" as one of the top 5 comedies on television...far behind Curb Your Enthusiasm and the British "Office", but in the same ballpark as 30 Rock, Always Sunny and How I Met Your Mother. Now back to hating UNC....

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