The Origins of the Kentucky Sports Radio Crew

by:Matt Jones09/25/06
Sometimes folks ask me, "Matt, we love the blog and the radio show and we simply cant imagine how guys as cool as you and your friends could ever exist. What could you possibly have been like in college? Were you simply younger versions of the Fonz?" These questions always embarass me as they overestimate just how hip and groovy we are. I mean we can 23-skidoo with the best of them, but we are just normal folks like you. But I know that you folks are curious. Many of us (outside of the Intern who is still at UK now) graduated from Transylvania and were part of a fraternity that was among the top 5 at Transy in all categories. We began a tradition of excellence that still exists to this day. Dont believe us? Then check out this video of current members of our fraternity lip synching to the Joe Esposito song from "Karate Kid." Included in the video is Hubby's "little brother" in the fraternity and other random guys who seem like they are not only hip, but they dont have time to go to the gym because it aint nearly COOOOOOL enough. I know none of these guys as they are too young....but I can see that they are carrying on the legacy that we at Kentucky Sports Radio installed so long ago.

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