The OTT Podcast, Episode 6: Nazr Mohammed

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 5 years


OTTcover On this week's OTT Podcast, I talk to former Cat and Nazr Mohammed, who comes on to tell us about his upcoming charity fundraiser and his incredible 18-year career in the NBA. Topics include: --- Why Nazr was my favorite UK player growing up --- Whether or not it's true Rick Pitino made him run after the team bus to lose weight --- That crazy buzzer-beater at Vandy and why hitting a game winner is actually painful --- His advice for players coming in to the league --- His favorite and least favorite ways to stay in shape --- His "Full Court Press Against Cancer" charity fundraiser on Friday in Chicago. (For more information and to buy tickets, click here.) To listen, just subscribe to "Kentucky Sports Radio" on iTunes or stream on Podbay. Also, send Nazr a thank you for coming on @NazrMohammed on Twitter.

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