The perfect UK basketball player

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ARMS, Tayshaun Prince Tony Delk finishes a close second here, but Prince had some of the most freakishly long arms in UK history.  He had the wingspan of a 7-footer, allowing him to shoot over defenders and become a great shot blocker.  Now, while this physical trait probably doesn't help you in many other areas of life, in basketball it is very, very nice. ELBOWS, Demarcus Cousins No explanation needed HANDS, Jack Givens This guy had some soft hands and one of the best shooting touches imaginable.  He was the anti-Wayne Turner.  But, I will still say that when you consider the circumstances, there is no better performance in UK history than Givens' 41-point performance in the NCAA Title Game.  And the Goose and his hands were key to that legendary game.    CHEST, Patrick Patterson This guy is an absolute rock in the upper body, especially this season.  But even when he entered Lexington, he was built like a linebacker, and he has used that upper body strength to bully opponents in the post.  LEGS, Kenny Walker Probably as good a jumper as has ever worn the Blue and White.  He only proved this by winning a slam dunk title in the NBA.  But while in Lexington, he became an All-American with some of the best highlight reel dunks in school history.  Just the fact his nickname is "Sky", pretty much tells you what kind of hops he had. HEAD, Wayne Turner and Kyle Macy A couple of the most loved, smartest UK players in history.  Both took home titles, and both endured themselves with the fanbase.  These guys were absolutely the generals on the floor, and used their supreme mental skills to lead their teams to huge victory after huge victory.  MUSTASCHE, Gimel Martinez Easiest choice on the list

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