The Program and UK Basketball....Two great traditions!!!

The Program and UK Basketball....Two great traditions!!!

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Dont you just love when the fake world of movies and the real world of basketball come together? No I am not talking about how every recruit in the United States loves "Bad Boys II." I am talking about the news that Tubby Smith has taken a page out of the movie The Program and is making the players carry around a basketball everywhere they go. The gimmick, designed to give everyone appreciation for the ball they seem to want to turnover, is I think destined for success. Here is what Ramel Bradley had to say: “Coach wanted us to carry the ball around with us, take care of it, sleep with it. Coach told us to sleep with the ball. He’s trying to get us to take care of it, love it. She (the ball) already knows I love her, but now I have to take care of her a lot better. I know it’s a woman because I wouldn’t want to keep a guy around this much. I would never want to spend this much time with a guy.’ So there you go imitates art....aint it grand!

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