The question is whether Rich Brooks will ever be in a Quentin Tarantino Movie

by:Matt Jones07/27/06
One of our goals on this blog is to find interesting viewpoints and blogs around the country that have a similar offbeat look at sports as we do. Along those lines, is this article from DeepSouthSports (a great blog in its own right) comparing all of the SEC Coaches to famous Movie actors. This is exactly the type of absurdity I can get behind, and this work is not bad in the least. I encourage you to click on the link, but for your viewing pleasure, I will give you the sentiments on Rich Brooks. I warn you up front that the comments arent kind to the Cats or Brooks, but remember that (a) he is making fun of all the coaches and (b) a good sense of humor is the antitdote to all of life's ails. And personally, it sill makes me laugh: Rich Brooks used to do some quality work, just like our friend Harvey. Unfortunately, as of late, they've both found that it's kinda difficult to craft a masterpiece working with pure human waste. Brooks spent damn near two decades of his life slaving away to make The University of Oregon respectable (as respectable as a non-USC Pac-10 team can be), and he even led the Ducks to The Rose Bowl. Yeah,it's all been down hill from there. A couple of years with The St Louis Rams, a couple years with The Falcons, Yadda Yadda, Blah, Blah, he's out of the game for a few years. Ah, Retirement... Then... The University of Kentucky comes calling... HANG UP, COACH! Hang Up! Why Coach Brooks ever put down the crossword and picked up that call, we may never know. Talk about your lose-lose situations. You know it's bad when the guy you're replacing left for The Baylor Bears! Geez, even Bear Bryant couldn't take the heat in Lexington. What the hell? Brooks thinks he's f'n Better Than The Bear? What?!? whoa...Sorry about that. I've been living in "The Heart of Dixie" a little too long I guess... Anyway, both men seem to live in a constant state of intestinal discomfort which is prominently displayed in their facial expressions. It appears that either the sun is perpetually in their eyes, or this afternoon's chimmichangas are getting unruly. Possibly both... I guess what I'm trying to say is that taking the top job in Kentucky Football is kinda like eating spicy Mexican food on a hot, sunny day. The results are uncomfortable, stanky, and extremely unprofessional.

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